Elim in Bloom (2/3)

Learn how gardening brings our Village together! This week’s #ElimInBloom, we’re focusing on Residential Care.

Did you know residents in Residential Care and their families can sign up and have a spot in a raised garden bed for the summer? The residents and their families select flowers they like and take care of the plants along with their loved ones. Tending to the plants provides a great way to spend time together outside. The photo above is of last year’s garden! Every spring, the patios on each floor are decorated with new flowers to add a pop of colour. When it comes time to plant the new flowers, residents are involved in the process, as well as watering them.

This year, we will be adding new features to make the space more interactive. We will be installing a new bird bath and water feature that everyone can admire. Along with this, we will be adding plants visitors can touch and have a stronger aroma to become more of a sensory garden. This season, residents and families will be able to take a piece of the garden to enjoy indoors. A U-pick section with fast growing flowers will be added to allow residents and families the opportunity to stroll through the garden, pick from this section and brighten their day. A perfect way to keep residents engaged this summer.

Elim Village gardening tip: When you are transplanting container-grown plants, dig a hole larger than the original soil. This will help aid root establishment.