National Volunteer Week

“Volunteers at Elim Village play an enormous role. By volunteering, they give us the most expensive and priceless gift anyone can give – their time, kindness and love.” Suzanne Tempel, Volunteer Coordinator

Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds with many different life experiences. Yet they all have at least one thing in common, their willingness to give their time to help others. We are humbled by their generosity of spirit and their compassion. Elim has many inspirational volunteers who, day after day, each make a difference in our resident’s lives. In their own unique ways, they bring our residents joy, connection, understanding and support. We have an abundance of volunteers who participate in various day to day activities. The amount of volunteers has grown immensely over the last couple years. In 2017, the total number of volunteer hours was 2,860! In 2018, the total number of volunteer hours grew to 4,560 – this is not including pastoral volunteer hours!

We hope to reflect upon the work of some of our volunteers who play an integral role in keeping our community strong. Follow us through the week as we share stories from some of our volunteers in celebration of #NationalVolunteerWeek!

Would you like to make a difference at Elim Village? Volunteer with us! Email our Volunteer Coordinator, Suzanne at