Mother’s Day Weekend

For everyone this year, Mother’s Day looked a little different and Elim Village was no exception.

Throughout last week we had many flowers and cards delivered to residents from families. Through technology and window/balcony visits we were able to connect residents with their loved ones, for some, this even included great-great-grandchildren! Staff did a fantastic job delivering and helping throughout this hectic week.

Friday morning, our wellness team delivered carnations with a special Mother’s Day note attached to all the ladies in Assisted Living. The lunch time hour at the Emerald involved a harpist and flutist playing music from a distance and the reactions of our Emerald residents were beautiful – some got a little teary-eyed, some had big smiles, while some closed their eyes and waved their hands with the music.

The afternoon was spent delivering carnations to the doors of all 250 suites in Independent Living (even the males) as we have all had a mother or mother figure worth celebrating. The team delivering the carnations hung them on the suite doorknobs, and stepped back to say Happy Mother’s Day so there was no close contact. The reactions were very touching.

On Mother’s Day morning, one daughter from Full Care brought flowers to put in front of the Harrison West building and shaped them into a beautiful heart. Later in the afternoon, another family came and wrote ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ in chalk (as seen in the photo above). This brought joy to all our residents and the smell of the fresh flowers filled the air for everyone to enjoy.

Although it wasn’t a completely normal Mother’s Day weekend, we hope our ladies at Elim Village felt celebrated and loved.

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