Behind The Cover

Do you ever wonder who the people are on the covers of The Elim Connection?

All of our covers have featured our very own residents! If you read the Winter 2018 issue, the cover featured a resident with a beaming smile, by the name of Rose. She has called Elim Village Fleetwood her home for 14 years!

As Rose mentioned, “Since I was on the cover of the Elim Magazine, people tell me, Rose, Rose, you’re are a star!!” Rose married her husband of 50 years when she was 18 and had four children. We asked Rose, “What would you like people to know about you?” She replied saying, “I want everyone to know how much I love the people that care for me; they are wonderful in so many ways. I also want to tell you and others, how ‘awfully proud’ I am to have had my picture on the cover of a magazine! A Star at 88! Who would have thought it would be possible!”

Stay tuned for the upcoming ‘Behind The Cover’ piece from our new issue.