Bunnies and Goats, oh my!

Thank you to Lion & Lamb Pop-up Market for coming by! While there were no lions or lambs, there were bunnies and a goat! Yesterday, we had three friendly bunnies and a goat named Peony join us. The animals offer our residents comfort and a calming feeling with their soft touch. For some it offered a sense of nostalgia since many of our residents have lived on farms in the past. These simple interactions brought such joy to our residents ̶ and our staff too! For those residents that still like to bake there was also an opportunity to purchase fresh farm eggs and homemade honey.
Animal therapy is a commonly used technique to provide seniors with interaction, as well as an enhancement in quality of life. Part of our Wellness programs incorporate animals as they provide therapy and promote health within our seniors for depression, ongoing disabilities and other illnesses.
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