Elim Village Passed Accreditation with Exemplary Standing!


Health care organizations across Canada undergo a process called Accreditation to evaluate and measure themselves against standards that are set in place to ensure and enhance quality service and control is taking place in a variety of health care industries, such as ours: the Harrison, Harrison West, the Emerald and the Elim Community. The  process helps organizations like ours to identify what they do well and what they could do better, and make improvements based on the results found from surveys and conversations for the clients we serve. This involves everyone in the organization, including all staff and partners.

In June 2017, Elim Village has went through the Accreditation process and received Exemplary Standing, from Accreditation Canada! Each of you working at Elim Village have so much to be proud of by achieving and receiving this standard of acknowledgement.

The entire process took place from June 12-15 at Elim Village.  We were visited by two surveyors (expertise) who studied information and processes at Elim, asked questions and looked for evidence based information to help them evaluated how well the Harrison, Harrison West, and the Emerald met standards set by Accreditation Canada. Overall, the number of standards we had to meet were 689. Out of 689, we scored 679 to receive a final score of 98.5% an Exemplary Standing. Exemplary Standing is awarded to organizations that go above and beyond the requirements of Accreditation Canada and demonstrate excellence in quality improvement – this is the highest level of accreditation any organization can receive.

Everyone who works at Elim has demonstrated what they do well every day in their roles. We celebrate this achievement because it has made us better and it has brought us closer than ever through working hard together. We will continue to do what we do best; providing great care, service and support to our residents! Congratulations everyone for your hard work and dedication.