Emergency Preparedness

What happens during an emergency?

Safety is always a priority at Elim Village. Our Operations team has been working diligently on instilling the importance of safety within our community and encouraging our residents to be actively aware of safety protocols and practice safety procedures. Below are some of the initiatives we’ve established for our community:

  1. Instituted seven Emergency Assembly Points around our campus as designated meeting places to account for residents during an emergency.
  2.  How many of you have emergency preparedness kits readily available? Each of our Independent Living residents have a Red Cross emergency preparedness kit with contents to provide support for 72 hours. The backpacks contains food bars, hygiene supplies, first aid, flashlights, candles, multi-tool, duct tape, whistle, etc.
  3.  Residents are given an “Emergency Preparedness Toolkit” safety booklet, written by the City of Surrey, with instructions on what to do during an emergency and important contacts.
  4.  No questions left unanswered! We hold Emergency Preparedness and Fire Safety Educational Debrief Sessions to support continued learning and provide Q & A opportunities.
  5. Regular fire drills are held to practice evacuation routines and to ensure residents know what to do during a fire alarm.

These are only a few measures that can be taken to improve your knowledge about safety and foster a safer living environment. Know what the hazards are, take necessary precautions and make adjustments. Simple changes can make a difference!

There are additional resources on they City of Surrey & City of Chilliwack website.