Grandparents Day

Yesterday was grandparents day and whether you are able to enjoy the company of your grandparents, give them a phone call or simply remember the cherished memories you have with them, it is important to remember the way they shaped our lives today. Many of our grandparents have stories of adventure we could only imagine and it is important to keep these memories alive.

The story below was also featured in The Elim Connection and was written by Independent living residents Theresa and Clarence. This is one of many touching stories between them and their grandson Luke, now 23 years old!

“Our 10-year-old grandson (at the time) inspired our move to Elim Village.
We lived in Winnipeg and he in Nanaimo; not exactly next door! When he was five, we began an annual tradition. One summer, we would drive our trailer ‘across country’ and he would camp out with Opa and Oma. The following year, we would fly him to Winnipeg and he would spend time with us. Saying goodbye was always difficult. One year, as we were planning to leave for home, our 10-year-old grandson said with tears in his eyes, “Oma, why do I only get to see you and Opa once a year?” I replied, “It’s because we live so far from each other.” “Well,” he said thoughtfully, “you need to find an ‘old people’s home’ over here and move closer!”
And that’s what we did; it’s called Elim Village.”

What is your favourite memory with your grandparents?