Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!


Pictured above: George and Betty, Residents of Elim Village since 2012. 

Betty and I immigrated to Canada over 6 decades ago when the Dominion of Canada was just 90 years young. After all those wonderful years we now have the opportunity to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. What a Blessing!

There are many reasons to be thankful to our fellow Canadian citizens, who have worked in this country before us; they have made this a great country to live in.

Thanks to those in the government for opening the doors to immigration, especially just after the Second World War.

Thanks to all who welcomed new immigrants with open arms, so that with a combined effort we could build a progressive nation.

We are thankful for people’s effort in trying to understand us when we speak, regardless of our accent or grammatical errors.

More importantly we are thankful that Canada has given us the opportunity to share our culture, our social and family values and our faith.

We have learned many things from our fellow citizens about education and health, caring for the environment, a more equal society and the freedom to live while accepting everyone for who they are.

Congratulations Canada for 150 years. Blessings to all!