Happy Mother’s Day

May 13th  is a day to celebrate all mom’s, whether your mom is near, far or no longer with us, today is a day to cherish all the good times and lessons she has taught you throughout the years. Whether you’re a mom or a mother figure to someone, we want are grateful for the positive impact and inspiration you have on the lives around you. It’s important to reflect on the lessons learned and eventually we all realize that “mom knows best.” To every mom in every sense of the word, enjoy your day as even superheroes deserve a day off.
Pictured below is Kathy Reimer our Marketing Coordinator with her daughter KerriAnn and granddaughter Isla. This is KerriAnn’s second Mother’s Day as a mom!
Pictured above is Terry-Lynn Dryfhout Manager Communications & Investor Relations with her mom Jean Tabak who lives in Independent Living here at Elim! Joan says that moving to Elim is the best gift she could have given her children as she has now found somewhere to settle and that makes her children happy.