Christmas In Garrison

If you were to close your eyes and go on the energy, festive feel, sound of live music (thanks Leon!) and lively chatter and laughter you might not be able to identify where you were at…So much excitement, and a strong celebratory feel to this festive gathering here at the Sequoia Building at Elim Village Garrison Crossing.  On Saturday December 16th our soon to be Sequoia residents hosted its first ever Christmas party.  What a fun and rewarding time.  A group of Elim staff from both Chilliwack and Surrey were at the ready to welcome, guide, assist and host suite tours for future residents and guests.   As well there was a time for lunch and socializing.  Who knew a construction site could be such a lovely sight…with Site Super Dennis and crew working hard to insure we had running water, a WC, light and heat followed by the amazing dream team of decorating and refreshments providers; Lana and Carol it was truly a Christmas wonder.  All the future residents received a Christmas stocking full of goodies too!  There really is something to this ‘Elim difference’ and it is what we heard weaved into the conversations all day on Saturday; excitement, gratitude, joy, appreciation…. from many people as they plan to join the Elim family in Garrison Crossing.  All in all approximately 100 residents and guests including staff were in attendance at this inaugural  Christmas Party!  Clearly it is one of many to come!