National Therapeutic Recreation Awareness Month (5/5)

Wellness at Elim is a broad term. It encompasses the multitude of ways Elim can effect and impact the quality of life for each of our residents. Therapeutic Recreation is one of the many pieces to this puzzle. To give you an idea of how the TR staff undertakes their mission, we asked Michelle Hebert, our new Wellness Manager to share her thoughts. Wisely, Michelle chose a simple but powerful example of how the TR culture permeates Elim Village.

“Sometimes, it’s something as simple as a smile to make someone’s day. What would life be like without smiles? Can you imagine what it would be like if you never experienced others joy. Without uplifting interactions, life for many would seem lose its purpose.

Our staff interact with our residents on a daily basis and they play a crucial role in their lives. Research indicates that the joyful feeling created by even just viewing a smile has benefits such as reducing depression and improving the immune system. One of the things that has impressed me the most during my short time at Elim Village thus far, has been how well our Wellness Team consisting of Therapeutic Recreation Professionals, Pastoral Team, and Volunteers, uplift residents from not only by creating interactive activities, having meaningful conversations and interactions, but also by beaming their own joy through a radiant smile.

I see many smiles, as well as laughter, dance and singing! It requires the combination of many personality traits including caring and nurturing skills to be able to uplift others on a daily basis, particularly during life’s most difficult circumstances. Our Wellness Team are Elim Village’s uplifting experts.”