Pink Shirt Day 2019

In 2007, a grade nine student in Nova Scotia was being bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. Two students decided to take a stand against bullying and went out that night and purchased 50 pink shirts. The next day they stood in the entrance of the school and  distributed the shirts to boys in their school to show their support. The bullies were never heard from again and the bullied kid knew he had support. Today Pink Shirt Day is a movement supported by those of all ages all around the country.

To wear pink today is to represent your stance towards anti-bullying. Bullying can happen anytime and anywhere, like in workplaces, communities, or even online. Pink Shirt Day is a global movement serving as a reminder to continue cultivating a culture of kindness.

At Elim Village, we are committed to ensuring a safe and respectful environment for our residents, staff and volunteers. Only together, can we work towards raising awareness to end bullying.