Random Acts of Kindness


In our community, we witness random acts of kindness on a daily basis. Whether it be acknowledging someone with a radiant smile or taking the time to ask someone about their day, those few minutes you give your undivided attention, you never know how meaningful and impactful this could be to somebody.

This rang true for Charles and Marjorie Grierson, who moved to Elim Village’s Emerald residence just over two years ago. They are a wonderful addition to our community and continue to be active in and outside of Elim. On their 64th wedding anniversary, they celebrated at Notch 8, a restaurant in the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. They were fortunate enough to have met a kind gentleman who made their anniversary extra special.

Earlier on the day of their anniversary dinner, the Grierson’s took part in a panel for the 27th Annual John K. Friesen Conference held at SFU.  The theme was ‘From Social Isolation to Inclusion’ and they were asked to present their experience and the many rich benefits of ‘living in community.’

We dressed in our finery; we had a reservation for 6:30 p.m. in the fine dining restaurant called Notch 8 in the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.  We were seated at a table side by side, with our backs to the wall.  Our waitperson, Wendy, couldn’t have been more helpful, from making suggestions, to taking particular requests.  We made our choices and sat back to enjoy the people coming in and out of the restaurant.  Our meal came and we enjoyed it very much.  At one point the gentleman at the next table, which was some distance away, left the restaurant and when he returned he stopped at our table and said “you two look great!”  We thanked him and I said that we were celebrating our 64th wedding anniversary.  Disbelief and more compliments, the dialogue went back and forth; he voicing accolades and us, our ‘thank you’s’, and chatting away.  We were just finishing our entrée when he and his lady friend started to leave.  Over his shoulder he called out ‘good-night’ and we returned the gesture.  We were looking at the dessert menu trying to make a choice when Wendy returned.  “You are one special couple,” she said.  We looked at each other and at Wendy – questioningly.  “The gentleman at the next table was so impressed with you, he bought your dinner!  He wouldn’t let me tell you until after he left.”  We were without words; really?  Our bill was well over a hundred dollars!  Was he staying here in the hotel?  How can we thank him?   There was no way.  We asked Wendy to charge a $25.00 gratuity to our account for her gracious service.  She refused.  She said “we’d made her day!  Just tell the concierge on the Gold floor you enjoyed your experience in the dining room and that your waiter was Wendy!”  We enjoyed ice cream and a special little anniversary cake from the hotel.  What an evening!  As Wendy said, “angels are walking among us and we don’t even realize it!”