Staying the Course

If you have been at Elim Village Garrison Crossing recently you may have taken notice of a significant change on site.

Last week we had surveyors on the property to stake out the envelope for our newest offering “The Hawthorn at Elim Village”. This week shovels and machinery are beginning to prepare the property! The new site can be found west of “The Redwood at Elim Village” between that building and the towering tree line that runs north and south. This supportive living building will be unlike anything Elim Village at Garrison Crossing has built before as it is a major cornerstone to Elim’s mission and vision. We are excited to say the least!

Elim Village and its staff would like to salute all our current residents; our future residents and supporters of Elim Village for their patience and loyalty. Our team is still tweaking the design; operations and functionality of the building. Stay tuned as we make progress!

As usual feel free to contact our sales and marketing location for any further inquiries.

To see more photo’s of the construction site head over to our Facebook page here.