The Power of Music

Elim Village is proud to be chosen as one of the recipients for “Rick’s Heart Foundation Heart for Music funding”. Elim Village will launch the “Heart for Music” program in the Full Care buildings. The wellness team will be trialing the program on the 3rd floor of the Harrison West building and if all goes well, by May 2020, this program is expected to expand to all Full Care neighborhoods.

This program will give residents the ability to listen to their favourite music, as well as give the program volunteers, wellness staff and music therapists the ability to use music with residents therapeutically and individually. Music devices will be distributed to program participants at scheduled “Heart of Music” program times.

“The effect of music as a therapy is profound and we expect residents to be more relaxed, calm, happy, dancing, singing, all depending on the type of music played.” – Michelle Hebert, Wellness Manager.

If you have any old iPads/iPhones/Mp3 players you wish to donate please drop them off at any of our reception desks during open hours.

You can find out more about Ricks Heart Foundation here. Want to see more pictures from the unwrapping? check out our Facebook page.