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Our Mission

When older adults are not supported and connected, their quality of life suffers.

At ELIM, we bring the best in housing, wellness, and care together to deliver an exceptional aging in place experience for older adults, because everyone deserves to feel the embrace of a caring Christian community.

Then they came to Elim, where there were twelve springs of water and seventy palm trees, and they encamped there by the water.

Exodus 15:27

Our History

The vision for Elim Village began some 30 years ago when a small group of Christians began discussing how they could demonstrate their faith in practical terms. They envisioned a Christian retirement community where Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Full Care would be available on one site—a village where most husbands and wives would be able to stay together, even if their health circumstances changed.

Soon other visionaries joined. With nothing but “lint in their pockets and faith” they formed The Elim Foundation, gathering seed money for early development costs. Soon after, they established the Elim Housing Society.

A few years later, and with the help of 70 committed investors, the Society purchased land in Surrey, BC. In 2001, the first set of duplexes and condos went up, and the first residents moved in. The village continued to develop in subsequent years. In 2014, the Chilliwack faith community came together with Elim Village to form the Elim Housing (Chilliwack) Society to create a similar aging in place solution for Garrison Crossing. 

More than three decades later, that visionary seed has grown, and today over 1,000 residents call Elim Village home. Our Fleetwood campus offers a full range of seniors housing options: Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Full Care, and our Garrison Crossing campus offers Independent and Independent Plus Living. 

Today, Elim Village operates vibrant retirement communities, blessed by God’s faithfulness and bonded in faith.

Elim Village Senior Management Team 2023

Our Management Team

We believe in providing optimal quality of life, at all phases, for seniors living in Elim Village. We’re able to do so, in large part, thanks to the unique skills and gifts of our caring, committed staff and the depth of our experienced management team. 

Together, we’re delivering an exceptional aging in place experience for older adults.

Our Board of Directors

Elim Village is governed by the Board of Directors of four not-for-profits: Elim Housing Society (EHS), Elim Christian Care Society (ECCS), Elim Housing (Chilliwack) Society (EHCS), and the The Elim Foundation (EF). Two of these are registered charities (ECCS and EF). Our Board chairs serve across all four entities to ensure consistency and continuity.

Ted DeVries

Chair EHS & EHCS

Ben Langelaar

Bill Rinsma

Chair EF

Garry Corbett

Ron Haan

Harry Hoff

John Koot

Monica Niles

Hilde Wiebe

Chair ECCS

Sam Wind

Ariel DeJong

Dr. Martin Grypma

Peter Tamminga

Christina Tolkamp

Join our team

Be part of a team of qualified professionals who deliver an exceptional aging in place experience.

Pastor Lorin and Elim Village resident walking at Fleetwood campus

Charitable Gifts

Your gift to The Elim Foundation and Elim Christian Care Society provides funding for new or ongoing projects or, in some cases, financial assistance for residents. Your gift can be directed at your request, so long as it aligns with Elim Village’s vision and mission.

Planned Giving

Those seeking to plan a future estate gift to Elim Village can access professional assistance with our Will & Estate Planning services. Gifts of this nature strengthen the financial viability of Elim Village.

Memorial Landmarks

Pay tribute to a loved one with a memorial bench at Elim Village. Or, if you’re seeking a more significant gift, such as gardens, equipment, or buildings, we would love to speak with you.

Elim Village resident smiling with head resting on hands

Invest in Elim Village

Be part of the growth of Elim Village through our Investor Program. Private investments have funded a large percentage of our development, and we offer two-year term investments that pay interest annually, as well as other investment options. 

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