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Elim Staff member, Jodi Belzer, and her mom who also lives at Elim Village
March 1, 2022
Garrison Crossing

Resident Story: Family Coming Together

Finding a new place to call home is a difficult decision, and especially in retirement. But sometimes things unfold as though they were meant to be—and that’s exactly how it felt for Jan.

Jan had often thought about moving out of the big city and closer to the country and to nature. She was considering a few places when her friend Pat suggested Elim Village Garrison Crossing. They discussed the idea of a Christian retirement community, but Jan had some misgivings; she was hoping for a place in north Chilliwack, and she wasn’t too sure about the community part of Elim—after all, she liked her personal space—but after a visit and some discussion with her daughters, Jan put her name down for a suite. What changed her mind? “Sometimes you just know that it’s right—I think it was God’s plan.”

Elim has been a perfect fit for Jan these last two years, and she has come to absolutely love the location in Garrison Crossing due its proximity to the Vedder River Trail, Cultus Lake, and the nearby stores. In the end, she likes the community part too, as she’s able to be social if she wants, but can also be fully independent and quiet in her suite. Jan notes, “the Lord’s plans are often not what I’m hoping for, but in my experience they’re always better!” Things were about to get better still, and in a way that would involve one of her daughters, Jodi.

Jodi had been regularly visiting her mom at Elim and noticed how happy she was. “She’s always kayaking on Cultus Lake, biking on the Vedder, or going for coffee. When she moved here, she really seemed to find herself. I noticed a huge change…she had retired from a very stressful nursing career, and then my brother-in-law passed away…we were all reeling from that. I was really appreciative to see how happy she was.”

It was certainly a surprise when an employment opportunity arose at Elim that suited Jodi’s credentials. Back when Jan was considering the community, Jodi was with her and helped her mom choose a suite. Throughout that process, Jodi ended up making a good connection with Donna, an Elim staff member. The two continued to connect over the years with Jodi visiting the site often to see her mom. Then one day, out of the blue, Jan received a phone call from Donna asking if Jodi was an LPN—Elim was looking to hire one to expand its services. Jan promptly called Jodi to tell her about the opportunity. As Jodi recalls, “I was working in the hospital and wasn’t even thinking of another job…but somehow it just felt right, and I decided to make the change!”

Jodi has been on staff at Elim now for several months in the role of Home Care Coordinator. Her role involves conducting health assessments for residents, making recommendations, and providing custom home care services for those who request it. Making daily life easier is all part of the plan at Elim, so that residents can enjoy doing the things they love most without wasting energy and effort on life’s challenges—Elim wants to support you where you need it.

For Jodi, now that she’s part of the great staff team, she’s even more convinced that Elim is the right place for her mom. It’s been a surprising unfolding of events over the last few years, and one that feels delightfully, and divinely, orchestrated.

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