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Maggie, resident at The Hawthorn at Elim Village Garrison Crossing
November 29, 2022
Garrison Crossing

Chilliwack Seniors’ Residence Offers the Best—From the Ground Up

A good foundation is critical to most things in life—whether it’s your education or the building you call home. At Elim Village Garrison Crossing, the new Hawthorn building starts with a great foundation—in the most literal sense—and builds on that in so many ways.

Just ask new resident Maggie Chapman.

Maggie has enough life experience to know that personal choices often affect one’s happiness. Throughout her life, she has asked people, “Are you happy with what you’re doing? If not, how can you change things so that you are?

It’s a good question, and when the time came for Maggie to ask herself this question, she realized the best thing she could do for herself was to move into The Hawthorn. She knew she deserved to live a high-quality life—and The Hawthorn offered the perfect amount of support, convenience, and community to provide the quality of life she was seeking and deserved.

The First of Many Firsts

Maggie first heard about The Hawthorn through her grandson Nick, an HVAC systems installer who happened to be working on The Hawthorn while under construction. Nick noted that the building was top notch in every way with first-class materials and superior workmanship.

Nick knew that his grandmother, Maggie, was looking for a place to live and tentatively suggested Elim’s Hawthorn based on the level of workmanship he had seen. It was the right move for Nick and for Maggie!

Moving to The Hawthorn meant a lot of firsts for Maggie: the first time living somewhere brand new, the first time living in an apartment, and the first time having a gorgeous view from her home. She absolutely loves it.

The view from Maggie Chapman's Suite in The Hawthorn

Maggie’s beautiful view from her seventh-floor suite at The Hawthorn.

Making Each Day The Best Day

Maggie’s move to The Hawthorn happened quickly. From her initial inquiry to the date of her move-in, it was less than six weeks. (When you know, you know!)

Maggie hasn’t looked back. She loves the many luxurious amenities such as the meal service, housekeeping, health assessments, and the wonderful staff. Just like the building, The Hawthorn’s staff and services are built on a strong foundation of caring and community.

If you asked Maggie today, “Are you happy with what you are doing?” she would answer, “I’m very happy. When I wake up, I always make the best of my day. I don’t dwell because I am blessed I found The Hawthorn. It came exactly when I needed it.

If you’re looking for the right place to call home, contact the team at Elim Village and find out more! For more information, including floor plans, check out The Hawthorn here, call 604-769-0022 or email Find them on Facebook here or stay up-to-date by subscribing to the mailing list here.

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