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Elim Village resident receiving a flu shot
August 27, 2019
Fleetwood, Garrison Crossing

Flu Season is Upon Us

The following was written by our Director of Care Jennifer Ladesma and Director of Community life Marian Heemskerk. They want to spread the word and not the bug about the upcoming flu season.

As fall approaches, each of us need to be mindful of how we are going to prepare for the influenza season. A recent news release indicates that it will be a challenging year of influenza and we need to be well prepared for the season ahead.

Did you know that sometimes individuals exposed to the influenza virus do not get sick, but can become a carrier, picking up germs from one person and bringing the virus to another whose immune system may be more vulnerable.

Influenza symptoms consists of a sudden onset or worsening of cough, fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, runny nose, as well as feeling very fatigued. For those more physically fragile it may take longer to recover fully. For the more vulnerable, like young children and the elderly, the flu can cause severe illness, including death.

Each of us no matter how old you are need to make sure we exercise regularly, sleep well, eat well and be as healthy as possible. No matter where you go, it is possible you are exposed to the influenza virus, and the healthier you are the better chance you will have of making a speedy recovery!

The more people vaccinated, the better the chance to keep the serious influenza virus to a minimum within our communities. Of course, not everyone is able to have the vaccination, however, there are other alternatives such as, certain antiviral medications can be discussed with your family doctor to determine the best method to protect yourself with. Masks can also be used to prevent airborne illnesses, but must be changed regularly to avoid moisture from building up, which decreases its effectiveness. Of course, the healthier you are the better chance you will have of making a speedy recovery!

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