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Elim Village Garrison Crossing's Hospitality Team, including Chef Todd and Lorie, the Director of Hospitality Services
May 30, 2022
Garrison Crossing

Hospitality is Key for Seniors Living

Home is about so much more than a building—it’s about a feeling, and that feeling comes in part from those in the home, and also the atmosphere inside it.

In the case of retirement living, that homey-feeling comes from fellow residents and also the team of people who work behind the scenes. At Elim Village Garrison Crossing, the brand new Hawthorn building brings everything together—a great place to call home—from gorgeous interior design to the amazing folks who keep it all going.

Hospitality that’s personal

The term hospitality conjures images of generosity, kindness, care, and warmth. Here at The Hawthorn, that’s exactly what you’ll find—and it comes down to the great team of people who take hospitality to a whole new personal level!

“There’s an ambiance to the spaces here at The Hawthorn; there’s a feel and energy here,” notes Todd, Executive Chef at The Hawthorn. With three a-la-carte dining options, residents can choose based on what they want that day—and all with personal service. “I love the fact that we can build rapport with the residents; we know their quirks, their likes and dislikes—and knowing them helps us serve them even better.”

Of course, hospitality and home extends beyond the dining room. Mark, Support Services Manager, remarks, “I think Seniors Living is my calling. Maybe it’s because of my Filipino culture—we have huge respect for our elders—but I just love working with the senior living community!”

Mark is responsible for coordinating in-house housekeeping, in-suite cleaning, kitchen cleaning, laundry, and daily upkeep of the building—and it’s a role he loves. “I think senior living should be about enjoying every day. The Hawthorn is so gorgeous. It’s seniors living, but it doesn’t look like seniors living; it’s just gorgeous.”

A home to be proud of

Enjoying every day means enjoying your community, and Lorie, the Director of Hospitality Services, knows first-hand how much community matters. Lorie lives in the Garrison community herself and had opportunity to meet several Elim residents prior to coming onboard the staff team.

“They were all so excited to live at Elim; there were all proud.” She watched the development of Elim’s Garrison property with great interest. “I love the idea of independent living as a senior and being able to have turn-key options and have amenities at my feet. And the location! As an adult, I like being able to walk to the local grocery store and the community centres, too. Senior living shouldn’t be about end-of-life living, it should be about living your best years.”

When a suitable job opportunity came up, she threw her hat in the ring and joined the Elim team. Her positive first impressions only escalated further when she had eyes on the new Hawthorn building, and the incredible home it would be for older adults. “It’s elevated; the whole Hawthorn experience is elevated.”

A resident-first experience

While Lorie, Mark, and Todd have different roles, they all share one thing in common—they’re proud and excited to be part of the amazing family at Elim. Lorie sums it up best saying, “We’re looking forward to building our team and building a resident-first experience. We believe that every resident deserves warm, caring hospitality.” She quotes Danny Meyer: “Business, like life, is all about how you make people feel. It’s that simple and it’s that hard.”

If you’re looking for the right place to feel at home, contact our team to find out more! For more information, including floor plans, check out The Hawthorn here, call 604-769-0022 or email Find us on Facebook or stay up-to-date by subscribing to our mailing list.

If you think you might be a good fit to join Lorie, Mark, and Todd in the hospitality team at Elim Village Garrison Crossing, check out the current job openings here.

picture: Todd, Lorie, and Mark in front of the stunning Hawthorn at Elim Village Garrison Crossing

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