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Elim staff member, Suzanne, laughs alongside Elim Village resident
November 5, 2018

International Volunteer Managers Day 2018

Volunteer Managers are HR professionals in a sense where they are managing the process of volunteer engagement from position design, through recruitment, screening, selection, training, supervision, evaluation and recognition. They’re responsible for making sure the volunteers in their organization are doing high-impact, rewarding work that benefits the organization, the community, and the volunteers.

Volunteers affect so many programs, projects and events within Elim Village. Volunteer Managers need to be aware of the happenings within an organization to be able to place volunteers in various programs where they can have a meaningful impact. Volunteer Managers collaborate with Wellness staff to understand programs needs and ensure the volunteers there to support when they’re needed.

Finally, let’s not forget the influence a great Volunteer Manager can have on the life of a volunteer. Volunteers often want to find purpose and meaning in their volunteer work, and a Volunteer Manager can make that happen. By having mission-driven volunteer roles and letting volunteers know how important their work is, we can positively impact a volunteer’s life. From a high school student completing their 40 hours of community service who develops a lifelong love of volunteering, to the retiree who wants the skills they took years developing to be put to good use in their community, volunteering can be an incredibly meaningful experience.

A volunteer causes a ripple effect in our community, creating change, promoting growth and paving the way for people to continue doing good work and helping others. Thank you to all the volunteers we have at Elim Village. The work you do truly touches many lives within our community.

Interested in making an impact in our community? Inquiries to become a volunteer can be sent to

Written by Suzanne Tempel, Volunteer Coordinator

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