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Elim Village resident receiving a flu shot
November 7, 2017

4 Flu Season Tips

Every year, flu season is unpredictable due to the different strains of the flu, but our Director of Community Care, Marian Heemskerk, is sharing some advice to protect yourself from the flu virus this season.

1. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water

Soap and water is the best way to kill bacteria. The best times to wash your hands is after you come in contact with different surfaces or changing activity from one task to another. Some examples include touching door handles, light switches, counters, going to the restroom, preparing or eating food and when starting new tasks.

2. Get vaccinated

To protect yourself and others. Contact your local pharmacy or go to the doctor’s office to get your flu shot today if you have not received a vaccination yet.

See the picture above? Getting your flu shot isn’t so scary!

3. Drink water

Make sure you are well hydrated and consuming the necessary amount of fluids each day helps flush your system. It also keeps your cells hydrated, internally and externally, to keep your skin from getting dry and cracking, which can lead to infections or challenges with dehydration.

4. Stay home if you are ill to minimize the duration of illness and minimize the spreading of germs to another person. Seek assistance for care if needed.

In our community, we have many individuals whose immune systems are more prone to high risk complications from contracting the flu. The importance of educating yourself and others about the flu and benefits of vaccinations will minimize the spread of bacteria and reduce the number of people being sick overall. Sometimes, people do not necessarily become sick; however, they can become carriers of the flu. Please remember, guests visiting the Emerald, Harrison or Harrison West residents will need to wear a mask when entering these buildings if they have not gotten their flu shot by December 1st. We thank you for your cooperation.

Take the time to consider the health and the wellness of others within our community. Being conscientious to ensure we each do our part to keep our community as well as possible is important.

Wishing you all good health and vitality to all this coming flu season.

Marian Heemskerk, MA, LPN, CHE
Director of Community Care

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