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ELIM resident staring at the new pond at the Fleetwood campus
September 18, 2023

A New Pond at Fleetwood

This article was featured in the 2023 summer edition of The Elim Connection (page 4)—a community publication distributed three times per year to all residents of Elim Village. It is also shared with our email subscribers. The Elim Connection focuses on the stories and lifestyle of those living and aging in place at our two retirement communities.

Written by Kris Versluis, Staff Contributor

Something exciting recently happened outside of the Assisted Living building, The Emerald, at Elim Village Fleetwood. Earlier in the summer we welcomed Aquascape—the leading manufacturer of water gardens, water features, and ecosystem ponds in North America—and their team from Chicago, along with 35 contractors from Alberta to Oregon, to build an immaculate water feature in just two days! This new water feature includes a pond, stream, and wetland filter.

We are very excited to have a new, peaceful attraction for residents, staff, and visitors to enjoy. Having areas of natural beauty within our retirement communities is important for ELIM, as we know these spaces promote wellbeing. And, incredibly, this new aquascape was completely free for ELIM. Why? A few reasons:

  1. Aquascape came to B.C. to train local pacific northwest contractors on how to build water features for communities like ELIM, but they needed a large enough space to accommodate the work crew—we could provide that!
  2. This new pond is now ELIM’s 8th Aquascape feature—they saw us as a reliable customer.
  3. Most customers with Aquascape features install them in their private backyards for personal use. The company loved the sense of community at ELIM, and how everyone inside and outside the village can enjoy it.

The new pond project was complete on June 29th. This new location is a bit more accessible to residents of Assisted Living and Full Care, and we’ve already heard that it’s a much-appreciated addition. The Aquascape team also filmed the entire process, which captured resident, staff, and family member reactions!

The full ELIM pond video, which is intertwined with a separate pond project that Aquascape worked on, is featured at this URL.

Before the Pond Installation

And After!

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