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Kelly, concierge and fitness instructor at Elim Village Garrison Crossing
February 2, 2023
Garrison Crossing

New Wellness Programs at Senior Living Community in Chilliwack

Healthy mind, healthy body, and vice-versa as they say! Residents of The Hawthorn, an ‘Independent Plus’ building at our Garrison Crossing campus in Chilliwack, are enjoying a variety of new wellness programs designed to support both mind and body now that The Hawthorn is fully up and running.

While all the wellness programs are growing in popularity, the exercise classes led by our Concierge in Garrison Crossing, Kelly Kallevig, have become quite the favourite among residents.

Kelly has been with Elim for over a year, and her time here has allowed her to build many close relationships with residents at The Hawthorn and surrounding Independent Living buildings, such as The Sequoia, The Douglas, and The Redwood. The launch of the new exercise programs provided Kelly with a natural venue for even further connection.

Kelly leading ‘Independent Plus’ and Independent Living residents through a Chair Fitness exercise.

Exercise classes can be intimidating and challenging for seniors, but these barriers are removed within a safe and familiar relationship, like with Kelly. Her personal connection with residents provides her with the knowledge to support their unique needs, and her lively and energetic character makes her a natural cheerleader, with residents feeling supported in their efforts. Classes are designed to be stress-free, with two styles to choose from: Functional Fitness and Chair Fitness.

“Kelly is great at leading the classes! She always makes sure we’re doing the movements properly and safely,” says Hawthorn resident Hermie. “It’s so nice that the exercise classes are right here at The Hawthorn. I like that I don’t have to travel far to exercise – it makes it so much easier to attend them regularly. And since every class is different, we never get bored.”

In addition to attending fitness classes, Hermie loves playing Scrabble with other residents at The Hawthorn.

Residents of The Hawthorn recently had the opportunity to cheer on their favourite exercise coach and Concierge, as Kelly took a step towards achieving one of her own life-long goals—qualifying for the Boston Marathon. To do this, she needed to complete the California International Marathon under a specific time.

Hawthorn residents watched the race live online as Kelly successfully qualified for the 2024 Boston Marathon recently in Sacramento and, upon her return home, she received a warm welcome from her cheer squad, including Hermie!

“I’ve always had a passion and love for fitness, and I’ve seen the benefits mentally and physically in my own life. It’s exciting to be able to help residents feel connected, supported, and encouraged, and to see the results of good healthy habits,” says Kelly. “The main lesson I want them to take away is ‘thriving rather than surviving,’ and they’ll gain the mental and physical power to do so by joining the exercise classes and participating in other wellness activities.”

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