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George Vanbeek, Resident at Elim Village Fleetwood
June 6, 2019

My Musical Journey

With over 600 residents at our Fleetwood campus, every person is unique. We’re fortunate enough to get to know our residents and share their stories and interests. The following was written by The Elim Connection contributor, Theresa, about George, an independent living resident in Elim Village Fleetwood.

My exposure to music started at an early age; my mother played the pump organ, my dad the violin and later, my sister played the flute. Sunday evening hymn sing was the highlight of my week. This became even more meaningful during the last year of the war when we did not have electricity. In those dark days we were blessed with song and music by candlelight.

My brothers and I received weekly organ lessons from the church organist, and while I’ve forgotten most of what I was taught, my passion for music has increased over the years. After the war, I would settle myself in front of the radio and wave my hands to the beat of classical music and hymns. Joining a choir was a foregone conclusion.

To adequately share the beauty of music with others, quality audio sound equipment was high on my bucket list. A high fidelity music system with a separate amplifier, tuner and turntable was a must have! Then came updated stereo equipment which included Surround Sound! Due to the introduction of the Internet and YouTube streaming, I found yet another opportunity through video music programming; all of which would lead to the ultimate goal of sharing the gift of music.

I have been privileged to organize sing-along sessions and to provide presentations which include classical music, hymns, worship and gospel songs and videos for Elim residents on a monthly basis in the Oasis. But the videos I’ve been able to share to The Emerald and Harrison residents, has been the most rewarding. I’m truly blessed and delighted to witness the joy that it brings to those that are not as mobile and unknot able to attend concerts at the Oasis.

I see the power of music through the Psalms as a gift from God that heals and brings comfort to many. The Psalms is where we find the lyrics that connect with our hearts, allowing us to speak to God from the depth of our spirit.” But I will sing of Your power; yes, I will sing aloud of Your mercy in the morning; for You have been my defense and refuge in days of my trouble” Ps 59:16

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