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Elim Village resident, Cathy, smiling outside
May 22, 2019

When You Have Today

The following was written by Independent Living resident Cathy W., Elim Connection contributor.

As I walk through the village, my senses are alert to all the sounds around me: birds in pursuit of one another with loud shrieks; the sound of laughter. There is a gentle breeze today and I watch as one of the residents pushes his wife of more than 60 years uphill. We chat briefly and Corry gives me one of her big smiles – then as she overhears someone talking she rolls her eyeswhich I interpret my way.

The gentle sound of the fountain is peaceful. One couple sits on one of the benches and one can see the love that has shaped their 66 years together.

Many of us have grown up in small villages; we knew our neighbours! The big cities have changed that; maybe that is why most people feel positive about living at Elim?

From my window I have a wide view and especially when those marvellous clouds are stacked high. I am reminded that God says, “I have made the rafters of my home in the rainclouds.”

I grow quiet; I can taste and touch that God is good. There is much goodness happening at Elim; people seem to live longer here as if reluctantly admitting that life is good even when we are a bit lame in the feet.

And when the sun comes out the village is a buzz with conversation – gone are the aches and pains that we feel acutely when alone.

The long awaited spring when people come out of their places like bears after a winter sleep, happily chatting. How good it feels to walk in a safe place. I think about how old we are but how young at heart we feel.

There is an undercurrent of harmony with staff and residents, and that is good!

Community thrives on charity: the other word for kindness.
The mail arrives and conversation breaks out; I suggest a large coffee-pot in the lobby – much like the water fountain of many days ago.

We have today! Yesterday is gone and when it is tomorrow, it will be today – a new day!

We live in a garden and there is still so much to do – so many smiles to give away, so many opportunities to hear good music that comes to our own backyard. How much better can it get?

As for music, without it, the soul has not yet learned to dance.

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