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Elim Village resident smiling on his balcony
November 26, 2021

Lammert Celebrates 20 Years At Elim Village

“I’m so happy I came to Elim Village. There is no friendship anywhere like it.”

Lammert and his wife Alice had no intention of moving to a retirement community. A friend, though, was going to visit the Elim Village Fleetwood site, and they decided to tag along. When they arrived, Lammert and Alice casually looked at the floorplans for the Independent Living building. “If I WERE to move, I would want that suite,” Lammert announced with certainty. That suite was already taken though, which was fine as they weren’t serious about moving. They did, however, give their information anyway, just in case.

A week went by when they received a phone call from the sales center saying that the suite had come available again. The rest is history. Lammert’s favourite part about it is the view from the balcony, which overlooks the fountain and much of the village. There are also spectacular mountain views on a clear day.

Moving, however, did not come without challenges. They found the first year tough. Moving away from long-time friends was difficult, but new neighbours and the Elim staff helped make a difference. Once the first year passed, they loved Elim and were glad they made the move.

Lammert and Alice enjoyed 12 years together onsite when Alice passed away suddenly. Lammert found comfort in his neighbours throughout that difficult season. “There are no strangers here,” he expressed. He plays a big part in the community he’s established for himself as to this day, he personally greets all new residents that move in.

Happy 20 years, Lammert. We’re delighted to have you as part of the community.

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