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Elim Village resident smiling outside
May 19, 2021

20 Years Calling Elim Village “Home”

Throughout 2021, we will continue to celebrate our 20th anniversary by sharing photos and stories of our original residents who are still living in the Village today.

“Everyone looks out for one another. We became one big family. Elim brings neighbours together in a comfortable environment.”

Twenty years ago this month, Helena (Leny) moved into Elim Village Fleetwood with her husband John, as some of the first residents. With the arrival of more newcomers to the village, reoccurring BBQs and tea times began so neighbours could get to know one another. Over time these gatherings developed into Monthly Coffee Socials and are held to this day (as PHO Orders allow) in each Independent Living building.

When John became sick he went into Full Care onsite and Leny was grateful she could frequently visit him by just a short walk from her front door. She often visited three times a day.

Leny’s love of flowers led her to help initiate the Gardening Committee, which is still active today. While no longer directly involved, Leny was a key member of this committee and has many memories from her years of involvement. She recalls the time a local company donated 4,000 tulip bulbs to plant around the village and then the following year, 10,000 more were donated! Leny dug up an old photograph of her in her front garden from her first year living at Elim. To see the original and re-created photograph twenty years later head over to our Facebook page.

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