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Elim Village volunteer smiling
April 20, 2021

Volunteer Appreciation Week

This week is National Volunteer Appreciation Week, and we sure have a lot of volunteers at Elim that we appreciate! Below, we’ve highlighted a few of our all-stars.

To start, we have Jan (pictured) who started volunteering with us in 2014. She has maintained The Emerald library for many years and assists with Flu Clinics, campus events, Walker Clinics, and is an eager participant in Wednesday Walk Abouts, which provide encouragement to residents. She is always ready with a smile and has a contagious laugh.

Then there’s Sheila. Sheila’s husband was a resident in Elim’s Full Care and even as a family member she was always ready to assist with various programs, often helping other residents and staff members when she saw the need. After her husband passed away, Sheila wanted to continue to help. She has been a steadfast volunteer throughout the pandemic and has volunteered at Coffee Socials, supported our Vaccination Clinic, has assisted at reception, and is another consistent presence in our Wednesday Walk Abouts. Our Volunteer Coordinator affectionally refers to Sheila and Jan as her “little ducks” because even in the rain, they are here every Wednesday brightening the residents’ day, waving and smiling from a distance. She is a warm, friendly, altruistic lady with an inner and outer beauty that draws others to her.

One student volunteer we want to recognize is Nolan, who is in Grade 11. He has volunteered 120 hours over the last number of months, averaging 5 hours per week. He is dedicated, flexible, respectful, and reliable. Nolan has helped with reception, provided IT support in our Assisted Living building The Emerald, has gardened, participated in a car wash, and written words of encouragement to residents. The Emerald residents love him and enjoy his weekly visits.

These are just three of our many wonderful volunteers here at Elim who add to our warm, welcoming environment and help create a culture of care. We truly appreciate all our volunteers and the time, talents and love they share with us.

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