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Elim Village Garrison Crossing Retirement Home Becomes a Sought-After Community
October 28, 2022
Garrison Crossing

Chilliwack Retirement Home Becomes a Sought-After Community

Change is a constant in life—and sometimes making a change is the best thing we can do. For many folks, staying in their family home may seem like the best option, but what if it isn’t giving you everything you need anymore?

For Gerry Bruins, one of the first residents to move into Elim Village Garrison Crossing’s newest building, The Hawthorn, the move meant a change for the better—in so many ways.

Home is where you hang your hat

Like most of us, Gerry made a few moves in his lifetime. He emigrated from the Netherlands as a young, single man, and three years later, met the love of his life with whom he shared three beautiful children, two girls and a boy. Sadly, Gerry lost his wife in 2004, and had to adjust to a new life without her.

He first downsized from his house in Burnaby to a condo in White Rock—which worked well for a while—until his daughter told him that she was moving to Cultus Lake—which as it turns out, is a 15-minute drive from Elim Village Garrison Crossing.  Gerry realized that his condo no longer offered everything he needed, and he wanted to be closer to his daughter too. The cost of living in Chilliwack is also less than many places in the Lower Mainland, which for some makes all the difference in the world, and for others, it’s an added bonus.

The Hawthorn, ‘Independent Plus’ has stunning modern design and is the best in housing for older adults.

Everything you need and more than you expected is right here

Gerry made the decision to move into The Hawthorn and he hasn’t looked back! He notes that when he was in White Rock, “I would order food and walk down the street to pick it up. I’m not much of a cook, but I love the convenience of getting my chef-prepared meals right here in The Hawthorn.”

Moving means having new places to explore and the Garrison Crossing area didn’t disappoint. “We have a great location here,” notes Gerry. “There is so much nature. There are beautiful trees, and the Vedder River is very nice. I go for daily walks, sometimes two walks a day!”

Each day gets better and better

One of the unexpected benefits has been the sense of community that Gerry has gained. “I like that it’s a Christian retirement community,” he says. “You can meet so many other people here and you can easily make new friendships. I’ve been sitting at the Community Table in the dining room. . . you get to know each other and you feel fellowship.”

The Hawthorn’s concierge, Kelly, speaks fondly of Gerry and notes that, “Moving into a new place can be tough, but it’s been great seeing Gerry settle into The Hawthorn. Whether it’s watching him go for walks or connecting with new residents and introducing them to Elim, you can tell the transition has been a good one.”

Gerry Bruins enjoying company in the Chehalis Lounge & Cafe

Hawthorn resident, Gerry (right), enjoying coffee and pastries with a new friend and fellow resident

It’s true that a home is made by the people in it, and Gerry notes that the staff at Elim are wonderful. “The staff are friendly, and very helpful. I really appreciate them. For me, it’s a blessing from God to live here!”

If you’re looking for the right place to call home, contact the team at Elim Village and find out more! For more information, including floor plans, check out The Hawthorn here, call 604-769-0022 or email Find them on Facebook here or stay up-to-date by subscribing to the mailing list here.

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