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Bob, a resident of The Hawthorn at Elim Village Garrison Crossing
September 26, 2022
Garrison Crossing

Senior Living Home in Chilliwack Elevates Retirement Living

If you’re thinking about senior living retirement communities, perhaps what you imagine is the way things used to be—a tucked-away community with little to do.  If that’s how you picture senior living, then Elim Village’s Garrison Crossing campus is not what you think—and neither is senior living!

A new senior living home in Chilliwack

The new Hawthorn building is the most recent addition to the campus—and this vibrant, self-contained, centrally located place is setting a new standard for living your best (retired) life.

Residents began moving in at the beginning of August, and for many, it’s been a relief to adjust to a new lifestyle of convenience and assurance. New resident, Bob, was living in the Okanagan, but with his daughters and grandchildren in the Chilliwack region, he decided to make the move. He knew he wanted to be near his family and ELIM’s new Hawthorn building presented an ideal opportunity—a beautiful new senior living building in a great location.

A stunning senior living building

The physical building is second to none, according to Bob; well-appointed and welcoming. “It’s such an attractive entryway; very appealing. And it’s nice to have underground, secure parking.” The Hawthorn also offers many services for all campus residents, which means residents can enjoy a spa day, a nice meal in the dining area, or get a hair cut along with many other amenities. “I’ve heard lots of good things about the residents’ experiences,” says Bob.

The front concierge area of The Hawthorn—a show-stopping, attractive welcome to any visitor

Friendly senior living community staff

Of course, one of the most important parts of any home is the people. Bob speaks highly of the staff team, such as Conrad. “He’s the contact who helps us sort things out; everyone loves him! He’s friendly, helpful, conscientious, and good natured,” says Bob, “He’s quite adept with technology!”

The exquisite dining facilities are a big part of everyone’s day and the Hawthorn is designed with a selection of dining experiences to suit any taste, morning, noon, or night. Bob notes that, “Some people just love that they don’t have to cook, and Lorie, the Director of Hospitality, is extremely approachable and friendly, as are all the staff.”

Convenient retirement village in Chilliwack

For anyone looking for a new place to call home, location is perhaps the most important factor. Bob says of Elim Village, “We’re really blessed with a lovely location in the middle of a nice neighbourhood. . . we’ve got a recreation centre down the road—you don’t even have to drive—there’s shops, and the university offers courses for seniors too.”

If you’re looking for the right place to call home, contact our team to find out more! For more information, including floor plans, check out The Hawthorn here, call 604-769-0022, or email Find us on Facebook here or stay up-to-date by subscribing to our mailing list here.

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