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2024 BC Care Award Nominee, Jodi Belzer
January 10, 2024
Fleetwood, Garrison Crossing

Elim Staff Shine in BC Care Award Nominations

The BC Care Awards celebrate exceptional care providers who exceed expectations within the Seniors Living and Wellness industry in British Columbia. As outlined on the BC Care Providers Association website, the prestigious BC Care Provider of the Year Awards honour individuals who exhibit unwavering dedication to quality, compassion, and excellence in either delivering care directly or supporting its delivery to residents or clients.

We are thrilled to announce the nomination of three outstanding employees for the 2024 Award season: Jodi Belzer from Elim Village Garrison Crossing, and Khysen Quintia and Susan Chang from Elim Village Fleetwood.

Jodi Belzer

Jodi Belzer, LPN & Home Care Coordinator at Elim Village Garrison Crossing

Jodi has been a part of Elim for the past two years. She holds a license as a Practical Nurse and currently serves as the Home Care Coordinator at Elim Village Garrison Crossing. As a nurse, Jodi demonstrates exceptional compassion, dedication, and diligence in providing quality home care that is centered on individual needs of older adults. She goes beyond the call of duty, organizing programs to help seniors with hygiene products and assist with their grocery shopping. She plays a crucial role in expanding Elim’s home care, overseeing multiple staff and building strong relationships with residents and their families.

Colleagues from Elim Village Garrison Crossing also shared the following about Jodi:

“It is an honour to work alongside someone who puts so much care and attention into their work—supporting the residents as well as her staff. Jodi has a way of making everyone feel heard and connected to the team. The way she leads is admirable as she quietly invests in each one. We get incredible feedback from residents about their care, which reflects Jodi’s great leadership.”

To read Jodi’s full nomination, click here.

Khysen Quintia

Khysen Quintia, LPN Team Lead at Elim Village Fleetwood

As the LPN Team Lead at Elim Village Fleetwood, Khysen exemplifies unwavering dedication to resident care, prioritizing quality, compassion, and excellence. Her oversight of both Assisted and Independent Living residents reflects a commitment to providing personalized support and fostering meaningful connections with each individual. Her tireless work establishes a high standard of care, creating an environment where residents thrive with dignity. Khysen’s commitment extends beyond her role, as she sees every matter through to resolution, which showcases her exceptional leadership and adaptability.

Marian Heemskerk, Director of Community Life, shares, “Khysen’s unique blend of technique, style, and unwavering commitment sets her apart. With a mix of mathematical precision, scientific understanding, and a warm personality, she navigates the complexities of her role with unparalleled grace. Khysen’s vast breadth of knowledge and versatile skillset not only enriches the Elim team, but also enhances the quality of care provided. Her presence is a blessing, elevating the standard of excellence within our community.”

To read Khysen’s full nomination, click here.

Susan Chang

Susan Chang, Assistant Director of Care at Elim Village Fleetwood

Susan Chang is a Registered Nurse who has worked in Long-Term Care at Elim Village Fleetwood since 2009. She started as a Care Coordinator, later becoming the Assistant Director of Care in 2016 with the completion of Elim’s second Long-Term Care building, the Harrison West. Overseeing the clinical care of 193 residents, Susan has demonstrated dedication and passion to provide exceptional care and service to Elim residents. She is respected and not afraid to speak her mind when advocating for residents, families, and the people she works with.

To read Susan’s full nomination, click here.

We’re grateful for Jodi, Khysen, and Susan‘s unwavering dedication to making a daily difference in the lives of Elim residents, staff, and family members.