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Wilma, Elim Village resident, alongside another resident and Kristi Barnson, Concierge
March 5, 2024
Garrison Crossing

New Garrison Crossing Resident Shares Strong Ties With Elim’s Roots

At Elim Village, there’s a strong belief that the best time to move is before you need to. Wilma VanBrummelen, a new resident at The Hawthorn at Elim Village Garrison Crossing, shares that belief. In fact, it was a primary reason she opted to move to her new residence a few months ago.

“I wanted to choose where to live. I didn’t want to break a leg or an arm and then move to a home that others chose for me,” Wilma explains. “Moving to The Hawthorn was a personal choice, and I believe people need to move before something happens, as it allows you time to adjust while you’re still young and able to do so.”

Moving into one of Elim Village’s residences at their 9-acre property in Chilliwack was a top priority for Wilma because she has close ties with the organization—ties that date back over three decades.

“I was part of the care group in my church where one member came up with the idea of a community where couples could age together—Elim Village. The idea was brought about after we read the book of James, which addresses the idea that it’s not just faith that’s important, but faith in action,” Wilma says.

Being present during the early visionary days, and then watching the growth and expansion of Elim Village over 30 years, only cemented Wilma’s belief that Elim was the only community for her in her retirement.

“While I know a lot of people at Elim Village Surrey, surprisingly, I didn’t know anyone at Garrison Crossing before I moved here. But after only three months, I’ve formed my very own community,” Wilma says.

Wilma enjoys the company of a special furry visitor alongside her new friends
Wilma enjoys the company of a special furry visitor alongside her new friends

“I haven’t lost any independence since moving here; I make all my own decisions,” she adds. “I’ve met the majority of residents here in The Hawthorn, and I feel very blessed having that many people in my life. The Hawthorn is truly the hub of the campus.”

Since moving to The Hawthorn, Wilma has been enjoying all the perks that come with living in this one-of-a-kind retirement community.

“I like the rent option here and how I can charge things to my account, like treating my friends to lunch. I enjoy going for a 45-minute walk every morning, and in the afternoon, I walk to the Vedder River. The meals are another huge highlight—it’s easy to build community when enjoying meals together. I’m also close to my insurance company, dentist, and I even got my haircut here the other day. It’s so nice having it right downstairs!” Wilma says.

Another aspect that is close to Wilma’s heart is written right into Elim’s mission statement: ‘At Elim, we bring the best in housing, wellness, and care together to deliver an exceptional aging in place experience for older adults, because everyone deserves to feel the embrace of a caring Christian community.’

“Supporting Elim is so important to me, and the direction that Elim is going is extremely important for older people. It’s more than a home—it’s a mission here,” Wilma says.

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