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Three ELIM residents sit on a bench outside of The Redwood, ELIM's Senior Rental Apartments in Chilliwack
March 18, 2024
Garrison Crossing

Senior Rental Apartments in Chilliwack

Discover the best senior rental apartment in Chilliwack—The Redwood at Elim Village Garrison Crossing.

Exploring Senior Rental Apartments in Chilliwack

Are you curious about senior rental apartments in Chilliwack? This article answers key questions for seniors considering a move, such as:

In this article, we’ll delve into the unique features of The Redwood at Elim Village Garrison Crossing. With its convenience and security, continue reading to discover why Chilliwack is a fantastic place for seniors.

Elim Village residents biking along the Vedder River trail

Is Chilliwack a Good Place to Live?

Chilliwack is a great place to live. Nestled in the picturesque Fraser Valley, Chilliwack is a fantastic destination for seniors seeking a serene yet vibrant community. With its stunning landscapes, friendly atmosphere, and a range of recreational activities, Chilliwack provides an ideal setting for seniors looking to embrace their golden years.

Elim Village Garrison Crossing offers seniors a unique opportunity to experience Independent Living in a thriving community. Our senior rental apartment, The Redwood, provides a comfortable and convenient lifestyle in this beautiful Chilliwack setting.

What is the Best Area in Chilliwack?

When considering the best areas to live in Chilliwack, Garrison Crossing stands out as the premier choice. Located in the south of Chilliwack, next to the salmon-filled Vedder River, this walkable, award-winning community is full of boutique shops and quaint residential areas. Within this community is the nine-acre property of Elim Village, which offers multiple housing options for seniors, such as The Redwood. The Redwood is a four-storey, Independent Living building, home to 64 boutique suites.

The Redwood at Elim Village Garrison Crossing is strategically located to provide seniors with a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle. Additionally, residents of The Redwood have access to a range of services at Elim Village. This includes a café lounge, fitness classes, meals and dining, salon and spa, cleaning services, home care, and more.

The Redwood and The Hawthorn building at Elim Village Garrison Crossing

How Do I Apply for Senior Housing in Chilliwack?

Applying for senior housing in Chilliwack will depend on what retirement community you would like to live in. For seniors looking for 1) a well-maintained building, 2) comfortable suites, and 3) an aging-in-place community, The Redwood at Elim Village Garrison Crossing is an excellent choice! To add your name to The Redwood waitlist, follow the instructions below.

How to Add Your Name to The Redwood Waitlist

  1. Contact the Presentation Center at Elim Village Garrison Crossing by phone (604.769.0022). You can also contact us by email (, or by visiting in-person (45412 Chehalis Drive, Chilliwack, B.C.),
  2. Provide the Presentation Centre with your name, contact information, and preferred size of suite (studio, 1-bedroom, 1-bedroom & den, or 2-bedroom). That’s it! You’re now on the waitlist.

Priority as an Elim Village Garrison Crossing Resident

Securing an Independent Living suite at The Redwood for senior rental apartments in Chilliwack means you also become a resident at Elim Village Garrison Crossing. As an ELIM resident, you get priority placement on The Hawthorn’s waitlist, our ‘Independent Plus’ housing type onsite. When life’s circumstance change, or you require more daily support, The Hawthorn is the perfect next step. Available as a monthly rental, The Hawthorn provides a lifestyle of convenience. This includes:

  • Two meals a day
  • Weekly housekeeping
  • Wellness program, and
  • Robust technology package (to name a few of the perks!)

With high demand for seniors living in Chilliwack, act now—don’t wait until you’re forced to make a move.

To add your name to The Redwood waitlist, contact the Presentation Centre at 604.769.0022.

The Redwood: More Than Just a Seniors Living Rental in Chilliwack

Choosing The Redwood at Elim Village Garrison Crossing goes beyond securing a senior rental apartment. It’s about gaining assurance, peace of mind, and the security you need for optimal wellbeing. Our distinctiveness at Elim Village lies in seamlessly blending housing, wellness, and care together. It’s an integrated approach that sets us apart. Our nine-acre village has close to 400 residents onsite, spanning two housing types—Independent Living and Independent Plus.

When you move to Elim Village, you join a community where you can age in place. We’re a community where the right conveniences and professional supports are available to you—if and when you want them.

Senior Rentals In Chilliwack 2

At Elim Village, we believe you deserve to enjoy your retirement years. We know that loneliness, uncertainty about the future, or the burden of caregiving, can negatively impact wellbeing. That’s why we exist! When you move into The Redwood at Elim Village Garrison Crossing, you have all the supports available to you. Allow us to take care of the burdens of life, freeing you up to live life to the fullest. You might even find, as many do, that life gets a whole lot better once you’ve moved to Elim Village.

Contact the Presentation Centre at 604.769.0022 to add your name to The Redwood rental waitlist today, or email

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